Adding POints top bottom of a scene

So i am in a Game Design Class and we made a game called a Ballon Cargo game so randomly ballons blow up out of a canister at the bottom of the screen and its based off touch so at the top of the scene are Colored based cargo nets that are Red Green and Blue and at the bottom of the scene the canisters are blowing up red blue and Green ballons and you have to match the colors with the right cargo net…

So basically what i am trying to do is put a little score at the bottom right of the scene that goes up “10” Points each time when you get the correct color ballon in the right cargo net

Simple- have an int counter, which gets incremented every time you match the colours! Then use

GUI.Label(position, points);

where position is a Rect defining where on the screen you want it to go, and points is the point counter.