Adding Reverb filter to master output?

Hi, all :)

For specific reason, I need to add reverb filter to Master Audio Output, but I don't know where I can find the Master Audio Bus. I think it might not be possible, because reverb filter in Unity3D is meant to be attached to the indivisual Audio Source as a component. Is there any way to do this available? Or should I just add a huge Reverb Zone to whole scene to affect every sound in the scene can affected by?

Put your audio filters on the gameobject containing the AudioListener and it will affect all the sounds.

Just off the top of my head, cause I might have to do like that myself, you COULD create your own script ReverbManager that gets all the reverb filter components in the scene on Start, and when you wanna change your reverb, you change it on your manager and it sets the reverb on all the components.

And I'm going on a limb here but MAYBE your manager could simply find all the gameobjects with an audiosource and add the reverb component by script automatically instead of adding reverb component manually.

you could also specify to your manager different groups of audio source to affect and whatnot.

There are always solutions, just gotta think outside the box

Sadly, we have no control of routing/busses.

The most important effect to have would be a compressor/limiter, but we don't get that at all, let alone in any kind of bus, where it would be most useful.

On top of that, they make audio filters a Pro feature. You know, because hobbyist game developers / sound designers have $3000 for that. Sad state.