Adding Rotation to a Gameobject

Hi I have My HTCVive and I want to have the Object(a gun) extra rotated like the position down in the code. The controller is the Vive controller Changing its position (so the Gun should “replace” the controller) but i need to rotate it because now it would shoot straight upwards

The code is the following

objectInHand.transform.rotation = thisController.transform.rotation + new Vector3 (0, 0.01F, 0);

objectInHand.transform.position = thisController.transform.position;

how can i add extra rotation, lets say 120 at the z axis, 40 at the x and 20 at the y ?

You could try to use a Qaternion and add it to the “objectInHand.transform.rotation”. As far as I know it will be handled like a Vector3.

see information to Quaternion here