Adding several box colliders in one object

EDIT #2: I simply updated Unity, and it now allowed me to have several box colliders on my object. Some people were saying this is impossible, but I simply updated Unity from 4.2 to 4.3 and now it works just fine. SOLVED


I am following a tutorial on, and the tutor has an object that requires more than one box collider in it. He creates a component for the box collider, makes it so it fits one wall, and then he creates another one and makes it fit the second wall.

When I try to add another component in the exact same way he does, I get the error “Can’t add the same component multiple times!” - But that was EXACTLY what he just did? He has two box collider components in one object, and he never got any error.

What am I doing wrong?

To create another box collider, try creating an empty game object and attach it to your main object. They give the empty game object a box collider.

They aren’t children or in any way hierarchal. Everything is on the same level.