Adding single Event listener to multiple ui buttons via scripting


I need help. I have a scene and in that scene i have around 14-15 btns and i am adding them on the go. I want to add on click event listener to them with argument, but the event listener doesn’t take a function with argument.

I don’t want to write 14-15 functions for the buttons cause there must be a way around. I also tried using delegates but they also don’t work. Please help me out on this. All i need is a way to write on single listener for all buttons and use that according to button click. My function for event listener is of the following form:

public void onbtnClick(int i)
//value of i will be passed on btn click for id purpose 

Hi. I would add this line to the top of your script :

public var iMy_Button_Number : int;

It the inspector window, once this script is on all your buttons, go through and tag each button individually from 0 to 14(by Tag I mean set the value of iMy_Button_Number for each button).

Now when you get the click event pass the var


Hope this helps