Adding tags to the forum thread?

How do you add tags to one of my existing forum threads, I click the Add Tags link and add my tags with commas between but when I click OK I get the error:

You may not create new tags. Please change the following tags:

Have I missed something obvious?


"You may not create new tags"

That should be pretty obvious.

The (main) reason for tags is for Untiy staff to be able to search for relevant threads. That's only useful if they know about the tags, which they won't do if you add an arbitrary one.

Ok thanks, but begs the question why is there an option to add tags if its only for Admins to use?

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You can add tags, but only for the list of tags approved for the board. Which is especially confusing in the boards where there are none.

To add a tag, it's easier to click on it in the list of tag than to write it by hand.