Adding text to object's related textures

I’m instantiating objects with textures, which are simple cards with faces on them.
Now I want to add some text to the textures of the objects, which are the cards…
I tried to add several texts components to the objects but to no avail …

If you are interested on how i’m instantiating the objects just say the word :slight_smile:

Hope someone can help me

The only thing Unity provides for text in world space is 3D Text/Text Mesh. Your text will need to be a separate game object. You can create one in the editor with GameObject > Create Other > 3D Text. You can make that text a child of your card with a ‘z’ slightly above the face of the card. If you are showing both front and back of the cards, you will need to do some work so that the 3D Text respects the ‘z’ order: