Adding the Axis indicator on an object on play

I want to add the Axis Indicator UI (red,green,blue lines) on my game object and have it stay on play but most of the Line Renderers I have seen connects two objects to each other. I just want to replicate the axis indicators on play and have each line’s length remain arbitrary x long. Is there a different way to do this? What can I explore?

Thanks in advance.

Line renderer just connects arbitrary points, in world or local space. Having 3 lineRenderers with 2 points each, one at [0;0;0] and the other at [1;0;0], [0;1;0] and [0;0;1] respectively, set to local space, with different colors, could do what you want.
You could also consider using some mesh (with pointy arrows, like Unity handle for moving objects).

You could scale the renderer’s transform based on the camera distance (or rather, a distance in the forward direction) to make it appear the same size on screen regardless of its position. You’d have to do that in Update, or even better, before any camera culls the screen (so it scales separately for each camera that can see it). Hook to static Camera.OnPreCull event to receive preCull call for any camera that is about to cull the scene before rendering.
Finally, you could do the scaling in shader to avoid scene modifications - but that would introduce culling issues, so I’d go with the transform scaling.

Do you have any screenshots of what you’d like to achieve?

In editor you can use Handles class.