Additional characters controllers

Hi all, i’m pretty new in Unity 3D; i’m exploring it.
I would to know if are available some additional third person controllers, other than the construction worker.
I would to have a casual wearing woman third person controller.
Can someone point some info to me?

Unity does not have any other default third person character models in the standard assets other than the construction worker. You would need to use a 3D modelling program and model your own (examples include Blender, Maya, or on the more expensive end of the spectrum, 3DS Max).

If you aren’t great at modelling, I’m not so sure about how you could go about this other than using pre done models from a modelling assets site (not sure of any good ones because I would normally just model them myself using Blender). Here’s some that I just found with a quick search: Turbosquid and 3D Model Free.

Hope that helps! Klep