Additional fbx child-object on import (bug?)


I was searching the answers for this problem with no luck, so I thought I´d state the problem myself here.

Currently I experience a very strange behavior regarding fbx-imports. Everything works fine, but sometimes I get an additional fbx child-object for my imported fbx-file. Normaly, if you import a fbx-file, you have the fbx, and the mesh as a child. But occasionally, unity creates (or only displays ?) another fbx (the same as the imported one) as a child object of the imported fbx (additional to the mesh). Why is this happening ? Because when creating a prefab, the fbx-file exists twice in the prefab, which is…not good. Shouldn´t it just overwrite the existing one in unity ?

I tried to attach another object in my 3D App, detach again, no changes. I really have to model the exact same object again (from a completely new mesh), AND unwrap it again to get rid of the nested fbx. Even copying the object in the 3D App doesn´t seem to help, the bug still remains.

Can anyone tell me what I´m doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance !!!

Which software are you exporting it from? I have seen something like that when exporting from Blender. It’s just the way it exports data to fbx.

I´ve figured it out myself, but many thx for the help anyway :slight_smile:

I´m exporting it from 3DS Max. I found out: whenever the object is linked to another object and you export it, Unity duplicates the object as a child. So just delete the link of the object to any other objects and everything is fine again. :slight_smile: