Additional parameters for GUILayout.Label

I use the following syntax to enlarge the text font of a Label in Unity:

GUILayout.BeginHorizontal( displayStyle1 );
displayStyle1.fontSize = 20;
GUILayout.Label( questiongrid.Title, displayStyle1 );

But in the following code, it seems that all the possible options have been exhausted, at least to my understanding of the manual pages:

GUILayout.BeginHorizontal( GUILayout.Height( maxHeights[currentIndex] ) );
GUILayout.Label( questionScreens[currentIndex]*, rightStyle, GUILayout.Width( Screen.width/3 - 3 ) );*

Could I still manipulate this code and enlarge the text font (of course without having to lose or replace rightStyle)?
Please see attached… I need to increase the font size for the scale boxes that say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Seems like I’m missing some part of your point but anyway, why not just increase the font if you need to?:

    rightStyle.fontSize = 50;
    GUILayout.Label(questionScreens[currentIndex]*, rightStyle, GUILayout.Width(Screen.width / 3 - 3));*

//or if you want to keep rightStyle with its original values but change font size only for this lable then:
GUIStyle newStyle = new GUIStyle(rightStyle);
newStyle.fontSize = 50;
GUILayout.Label(questionScreens[currentIndex], newStyle, GUILayout.Width(Screen.width / 3 - 3));