Additive Loading of Exterior/Interiors

I’ve been toying around with HDRP after working in URP for a long time and wanted some pointers or advice with the approach I’m taking.

So far I have a number of scenes: PlayerScene holding camera etc., ExteriorScene containing ground and cloud effects and 2 scenes representing the exterior and interior of my vehicle - in which I can freely move around.

My question is what would be the best approach to handling the 3rd person exterior view of the vehicle which doesn’t need to show the interior, and the interior first-person section.

I was looking around and had seen some approaches but none went into detail. One mentioned just having them both in the same scene and any physics applied just need to be applied to in the interior items - which seems a bit overkill seeing as you wont see them - and when you do you wont be able to move the vehicle.

The 2nd approach was to toggle off the interior and just toggle it back on when I switch the view, updating the position and rotation to the vehicles- this is my current approach but it feels too hacky and not sure if I should continue that way.

The 3rd approach was to have the interior as a static interior, allowing me not worry too much about overlapping physics etc. But I ran into issues about how to match the exterior view.

I heard the 3rd approach is probably the one most widely used for this but I’ve just been finding it hard to get the right direction or appropriate breakdown of the best approach. Maybe just my lack of knowledge in HDRP or in general.