Additive shader for TextMeshPro ?


I’ve been designing a starship HUD interface for my mobile game.

All of its graphical elements are using a Material based on Mobile/Particles/Additive shader, to get that translucent, holographic touch.

I would like to use the same kind of shader for my TMP UGUIs, but couldn’t find one in TMP’s provided shaders.

I assume the solution would be to write my own shader but I don’t have any knowledge about shaders yet.
Some help would be much appreciated.

Have a nice day.

Make a copy of TMP_SDF-Mobile Overlay.shader (if you can’t find it, paste the source into a new shader.) change the first line to Shader "TextMeshPro/Mobile/Distance Field Overlay Additive" Change line 77 to Blend One One, which is the additive blendmode.


Then assign the shader to your text’s material and you’re set! Here pictured: top line is using the default TMP shader, bottom text using this shader, both have the same properties otherwise.

Thanks. Can Textmesh pro be commercially available for game and application? So it’s free?