Additive tracks in the timeline

Timeline is amazing! Thank you!
But is it possible to use additive blending in the timeline for applying multiple animations for one character at the same time (like layers in Animator window)? Or now it is possible to create only Owerride tracks and blending two animations for one character is impossible in timelines?

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Not yet, right now it's only possible to override animations. Additive blends aren't supported yet.

will it be considered in the future? could be a good tool for lipsync/visemes tool

For sure - it's on our backlog of features. We don't have immediate plans to implement it, but plans can change depending on the feedback we receive.


feedbacks in favor of feature


I too would love to see this feature implemented. :)

Our team would benefit from this feature as well

@seant_unity any update for additive track?

We really need this!

Sorry, no good update on this. It's not explicitly on the near term items we are working on, but some related work by the animation team could make this feasible sooner.

Yeah I dunno. Without more complicated animation blending I dont know how you'd make a movie using Unity, which is kinda what timeline/cinemachine is all about. I've been thinking that there must be a way to grab control of an animation controller via timeline and do it that way. Otherwise, I can see a Unity Store product waiting for someone to code it.

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Definitely need.

This would be amazing to have! I'm trying to blend a timeline on top of my Animator and it definitely has been very difficult

We absolutely need this :)

Yeah we def. need this! I think it's odd that Unity releases Timeline without supporting core features that you'd expect to be supported. (Like animation layer blending, Audio track playback in Editor, Access to PlayableBehaviour LateUpdate/FixedUpdate etc.).

With these missing "core" features it's not really feasible to use in production in the current state of Timeline.

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Hi! I also vote for this feature :)

On a similar note, I was hoping to be able to do something similar to the Layering functionality available within the Animator Controller. Via my Timeline cut scene, I wanted to play a "Kneel from Standing" clip, followed by a looping "Working on Something" clip, then a "Stand From Kneeling" clip. Outside of Timeline, in my Animator Controller, I have the "Working on Something" on a layer masked for just the upper body, so he can be "Working on Something" from either a standing or kneeling pose. I cannot see a way to make this happen via Timeline. I don't even think its feasible to switch to having 2 animations ("Kneel and Work on Something" and "Stand and Work on Something"), because the time spent "Working" (which is a looped clip on its own right now) is up for grabs. It's not a set amount of time every time. I can manage that with a variable and transitions in the Animator Controller, but if I wanted to control that loop via Timeline, I don't see a way.

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Agree, really needed here too.
How to vote for this feature?


I'm also throwing my hat in the ring... this would be a welcome feature! especially for smaller subtle animations!

Definitely could really use