AddMixingTransform with Mecanim

Is it possible?

If not, then what’s the best way to go about it in Mecanim? Remaking 20 “walk” animations isn’t plausible.

Thanks for any help!

Yes, that’s work.

  1. You need a new layer in mecanim animator, like “upper layer” and make sure its “weight” is bigger than your exists base layer, and set it’s blending to “Additive”(If you don’t want mix all animation on this joint in same time, set it to “override” instead). You may noticed there’s a “Mask” option above blending, and that’s the second thing you need, it’s a body mask just like what you did in AddMixingTransform.

  2. Add animation to upper layer, what’s more, you may need extra parameters and call anmator.setFloat/Bool etc in your script to control you animation.

That’s all.