Addressable assets are invisible in the build

We have a problem that we have been struggling with for more than two weeks and all without success.

When building addressables, all models in the build become invisible. The same behavior if you put the addressable option "Use existing build" in the editor. At the same time, SSAO normally generates ambient occlusion and the outlines of the models are visible, but the models themselves are not displayed.

If you select the material, you can see that all the shader settings are loaded correctly, but the preview material is also transparent. This only happens with materials supplied through the Addressables system. There are no errors in the logs, nothing that would indicate a problem. There is no pass at all in the frame debugger to render this material.

But the strangest thing is that this problem is solved if you do some actions, like clearing the addressable cache several times in a row, or change the settings several times. But it is not solved forever, but for some one build out of ten.

Please, does anyone have any solutions to this terrible problem? Thanks!

I'm currently hitting this as well. Tried adding the shader to always included and its not making a difference. What does seem to be affecting it is if the GameObject is enabled when the scene starts.

I found a similar thread , there is a workaround, but in general the problem has not been understood and solved.

Have you explicitly added the shaders you're using into your addressables groups? I usually create a group just for shaders.

I had this issue in the past, though I realised it only happened for shaders on game objects that weren't included in a scene being built into my groups. Once there was an instance in a scene, I noticed Addressables built shader variants when I rebuilt my groups and it proceeded to work in a built.

Explicitly adding any shaders I was using into an addressables group also achieved the same effect. I usually use the Analyse window to search for duplicates to see which shaders I need to include, as most of them originate from packages/plugins and would otherwise be duplicated if they weren't.