Addressable.LoadAssetAsync Incorrect performance

Problem Description

I have a project where I load a very large resource at the start of a game that is managed using Addressable and is about 2G in size, and I would like to be able to asynchronously load the resource into memory before entering the battlefield.
But in practice, I’m running into all sorts of problems.
First of all, before entering the battlefield, my game will jump to several other scenes, such as the Logo scene (the first scene of the game), the main interface scene, and the selector scene, my asynchronous loading is called in the Logo scene, but when the game jumps to the main interface scene after 0.2s, the game experienced a very long time of lag, and the troubleshooting found out that it is loading my game resources.
Is this phenomenon a hidden mechanism of Unity’s asynchronous loading, and is there any way I can avoid this forced synchronization process so that my resources can always be loaded asynchronously regardless of whether the scene is loaded or not.


I got the results from testing in editor mode, and while the image shows that the main thread isn’t lagging, in reality Unity’s entire program is just unresponsive.
Checking the Loading.PreloadManager thread, the whole program has over 1 minute of lag in loading my 2G resource.