addressables and unity cloud build (forces me to reupload all addressable data for each build)

Hi there people of Unity,
let’s talk about ADDRESSABLEs

our game currently works fine with the addressable feature,
BUT whenever I create a new could build I have to reupload all the addressable server data of the specific cloud build, even if there were no changes at all from previous uploaded data.
how can I avoid it?

I’ll try to give an example;
I have level 1 as a prefab that is in addressable group “Levels” I created a build and uploaded it’s addressable server data and it currently works fine loading the level. (this is my master).
then I branch out from master and work on making some changes to the character controller - and I create a new cloud build - BUT level 1 suddenly won’t show up because it forces me to upload the server data from that new build.
I don’t understand why, I didn’t do any changes to the addressable or the prefabs that were in the group. so why do i have to reupload it over and over for every build?

I hope you’'ll help me find the reason. thank you.