addressables "built in data" is holding the Resources Folders data and is referencing in the bin file - WHY ???

The problem is, when I delete a file from Resources, addressables for loading resources are not working any more. So that means I would have to update addressable build for each platform again.
Is this really how it should be?

I am using a Resources/Cache folder to store data that is coming from the server for those who do not have a internet connection working. So I am filling this cache during development. But it changes often.

The result is that the addressable system in then build app does check if files are present and if not - end of story.

So how do I solve that?

I think, I found the problem. There is a checkbox for “built in data” which can be unticked: “Include Resource Folders”. I don´t know what further implications this will have, but it seems to be working now.