Adjust Orthographic Camera When Player moves Above half the level height

I am making a simple 2D platformer scene and using an orthographic camera. Currently I adjust the camera to follow the player 's x coordinate as he moves across the screen. However, I would like to shift the camera up when the player moves past half the camera’s vertical size in order to keep him in view when he is moving up. I am having difficulty finding a method to consistently do so without using some trigger or hack. What element of the Camera object can I compare to the player’s position in order to find if he has moved past half its vertical height? I tried orthographic size but the player’s y position never gets close to camera.orthographicSize.

‘orthographicSize’ is 1/2 the vertical size viewed by the camera. Assuming you are looking parallel to the ‘z’ axis, the top ‘y’ position the camera will see will be:

var topY = Camera.main.transform.position.y + Camera.main.orthographicSize; 

So if you want 1/2 of that:

var topY = Camera.main.transform.position.y + Camera.main.orthographicSize / 2.0;

Hm, this doesn’t seem to supply a value that is ever exceeded by my character. I think I see the issue though. I apparently forgot to set this camera to orthographic. My mistake, sorry about that, thank yo ufor the help though.