Adjust the width/height of List property elements in the Inspector

I would like to do change the height of the element properties showing in the Inspector from this 185109-capture.png
to something like this

I made up the image to show you what I want to achieve. The list is just public List< string> , and i want to enter separate strings (paragraphs) to each of the elements in the List so i can use it elsewhere. The thing is in the first image, for long texts, it doesn’t show all the text i typed. I assume it has something to do with EditorGUI or CustomPropertyDrawer at first but failed to find any further clue

You can add an Text Area Attribute to your list of strings, like so:

    [TextArea(4, 8)]
    [SerializeField] private List<string> strings;

The overloads define the size of the text area. In my example it always shows at leas 4 lines of text, and will add a scrollbar, once you have more than 8 lines of text.

Edit: I notice that it is not accurate how Unity displays the amount of lines in the inspector. But I assume this will still work for you the way you want it.