Adjusting Camera Field of View in VR (Occulus 2)

I want to adjust the Field of View of a camera in Unity VR. When I try to adjust it, the FOV reverts to 99.999 during runtime.

I have tried using GetComponent<Camera>().stereoTargetEye = StereoTargetEyeMask.None;

But that just makes the screen blank completely. I’m not sure what else to try - I am using the OpenXR Interaction Toolkit to streamline most of the processes. This is probably what is causing the issue but I’m not sure how to navigate it. Any help would be appreciated.

So for future reference - I found the solution that works for me. Change the scale of the XR Origin (Or the Parent object of all VR components) and it will change the scale of the FOV as well. Very easy once you look in the right direction.

I hope scaling is not the only solution, I have a lot of objects that will get deformed and require reverse scaling.