Adjusting system audio levels... Please help!

I have a question regarding the audio levels in Unity. I currently have a scene where players control a character, who has a flashlight that can be turned off and on. The player needs to collect items, which have a distinct sound emitting from them. So, the closer you get to the item, the louder it is. Let’s say I’m very close to the item, and the sound is very high… if I turn off/on my flash light (which has a clicking sound attached to it) the sound emitting from the item is significantly lowered. Is there an explanation to why this happens? My programmer told me that it might be a system audio thing. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? It really kills the atmosphere and mood of the game.

@ravsters This is something to do with 3D audio in Unity which is a great asset to a game developer. In the inspector, when you select the audio you want to import, you’ll see a check box, 3D audio. This should be deselected as it gives the illusion that you in a 3D world, so when you are far away from the source, the volume reduces. Sometimes this will be to your advantage.