Adjusting Unity scene for smartphones and tablets?

When I test a scene through unity remote on my smartphone, I can say its resolution in unity remote is not modified accordingly despite playing around with “Default Orientation” and it’s way too laggy & choppy. I couldn’t find a single information about adjusting Unity game scenes for smartphones or tablets. I’m also using samsung s4 to test my game so I don’t think it’s the phone. I really need to hear what’s going on here, it’s really stressing not to be able to do anything about it. I’m also talking about a simple scene where you only get to rotate a cube so no gui yet. Thanks in advance.

The Unity Remote application doesn’t actually run your game on your phone - it runs it in the Editor window on your desktop, allows you to enter input on your device, and then just streams the video output back to your device as a series of static frames - that’s why it looks “choppy”. If you want to test what it really looks and plays like, you need to “Build and Run”.