Admob banner drops fps from 60 to 40

Yes I know that banners hurt performance in mobile games, but I’m confused with two things:

  1. Another banner providers like Facebook audience network or Applovin don’t have such effect.
  2. FPS is decreased to exactly 40 as if Application.targetFrameRate is set to 40. I believe when performance is affected by some heavy tasks, FPS will fluctuate?

I test the game on iPhone 6s. FPS jumps from 60 to 40 and back after ~30 seconds. This can happen few times per session.

@madfatcat Have the same issue. Any solution on this?

@madfatcat, @jmansa
Same here… Animated AdMob Banners cause a frame drop/skip on every second frame, which results in 40 FPS.

But no solutions yet?

Same problem here