Admob & Chartboost ads suddenly not working.

a few days back ads(Chartboost + Admob banner ads) for my unity app was working and I was almost ready to release my app to Android and IOs.
But now suddenly there are no ads showing on my android device and android simulator (No test ads either).
Admob test banner ads are not showing up and chartboost interstitial ads are not working. Rewarded video ads are working but only after I click the ‘show rewardedvideo ad’ button twice.
here is the script: using UnityEngine;using System.Collections;using GoogleMobileAds.Api;using -
I don’t know what trigged it but right now I tried so much,
I tried an older APK off my app where ads where showing a few days back but now ads are not even showing in that, so I guess it has nothing to do with Unity?
I know this all might sound vague so feel free to ask questions and I’l respond very fast.
I did recently put my app into Alpha in google play console. So maybe this is something.
So how could I fix this because if my ads work, I can finaly release my app.

So I just changed the package name and now chartboost interstitials are working, google admob banners are not yet working but still very weird