Admob not working

I am trying to display interstitial ads in my game. I have built the project for iOS and tried to run. I got following message in console;

<Google> To get test ads on this device, call: request.testDevices = @[ @"b9ade3b76dd9d16ccc6c61b78bf7d427" ];

I have entered my device ID in unity code. But still ads won’t display. I have followed sample code from GoogleMobileAdsDemoScript file.

private AdRequest createAdRequest()
		return new AdRequest.Builder()
				.AddTestDevice("device id here")
				.AddExtra("color_bg", "454545")

I can’t understand what I am doing wrong. I am using Unity 4.5.3. Please help me. Thanks.

Hi had the same problem
you need a bool variable and move the interstitial.Show(); function in the update area.
Now the ad is displayed when it is loaded.

private bool adIsOn;

void Update () {
		if (adIsOn != true) {
			if (interstitial.IsLoaded()) {
				adIsOn = true;