Admob plugin lagging when downloading ad

Hi guys,

I’ve created my first game with unity and I’m struggling to find a solution to this one. It’s a very simple 2d scrolling game but on some phones when an ad is being loaded the fps is going down and that make the scrolling effect of the game choppy which isn’t nice for the user.

I’ve read many threads relating this issue but not a single one had a solution. If that is a known bug or if you know other company that offer banners but it’s not causing lag when loading them please let me know.


Link to the game -

For anyone else who has the same issue try this:

  1. Disable text ads from admob (for some reason they are lagging on old devices).
  2. Disable auto refresh from admob and refresh the banner manually, when the player dies for example. To do that make an empty object that has your ad script in it with DontDestroyOnRealod function. Create a variable that is going to be equal to one every 60 minutes and use it to refresh banner/ request interstitial.