admob related question

srry im posting an admob question on the unity site but there not really an official place to ask admob questions but my question is that i just published an app on may 14 liker at 11:00 and i have gotten only 4 downloads and also ads show up on my app but what the problem is it that i am getting no impression and no users on admob im not sure wh because my ads work did i use the plug in wrong do i need more users o i still need to wait it is now may 18 which was about 4 days and still it show no users even tough i have 4 downloads and it has 0 impressions but im sure the ads are showing on the other 4 people who downloaded it so plz help or give me an anwser

They could be using an adblocker or simply that admob takes its time to update. Sometimes for days.
Write your game’s name here and i’ll download it on my tablet. I’ll tell you if i get ads and if they are clickable.
If the test ads work, then the normal ones should as well.

When I use AdMob it tends to take anywhere between 5-20 minutes to update. If you’ve seen somebody have the game open and see the ad displayed then it should show up on AdMob eventually. As long as you’ve seen the ad displayed then there should be at least one ad impression. Make sure you have the page refreshed, time set to all time, and the report set to everything. If it really doesn’t want to work then maybe try updating it with a different ad unit? Anyways I hope it works out.