admob reward ad shows after clicking several times (problem)

i tried to put reward ad on my app , the reward ad shows but only after clicking several times or after waiting for some time and then click , i attached it with two buttons :
1-one is the replay button , and the reward ad doesn’t fire immediately , and i have to wait few seconds to click on the replay button so the ad shows
–since the replay button had loading scenes and all so i made another one , which is :
2-a test button , just to check if the ad fires up quickly after clicking , but unfortunately i have to keep clicking in order for the ad to show
so thank you in advance , and i truly appreciate any help

I assume you’re requesting your AD on button clicked and thats wrong. You need to request the AD before because it needs time to load and on button clicked you shouldn’t REQUEST ad you should SHOW ad.

Delay it takes to request and load ad is probably whats causing your issue.