Admob with javascript


i have a game in unity 3d developped by Javascript and i wont to make interstitial(admob) in a specific action like when the player was die

when i download package admob i found using c# but i need show admob in javascript script

some one help me please ?

I am not skilled with Ads in Unity, but I guess this is what you are looking for:

You can use both C# and JS in the same project and they will work just fine as long as you don’t mix both in the same file.

My guess is, you will need to edit some access credentials of your game, like Andoid App ID etc… into this C# plugin.

Here is another helpful topic: "Can't find namespace" - accessing Javascript from C# (or C# from Javascript) - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions
You can reference C# functions from JavaScript(UnityScript)

All c# and js is the same
this is the c# demo