Ads adding problem!


First of all, i wanna say that i found sound interesting answears on this forum and for this i thank you.

I am a fresh student of Unity, and i still have a lot to learn but a have a situation.

I can’t make any ad to work, no matter what the provider is.

I know i have to create a new game object and write some code lines… but i seems i can’t get the codes right…

Are there some general steps or can you give a a specific step by step tutorial on adding some ads that worked for you.

I am ussing Unity 4 pro version.

I am trying to export for the android market!

Thank you all!

I know there are lots of tutorial but i gues i did not find the right one… cand you point me to a step by step tutorial for adding ads, that worked for you?

I tryed Revmob, Chart Boost, Tap Joy, Start App, Mob Clicks, Ad Mob…

I can not configure them to show the adds…