Ads Cost

Simple question. Do I have to pay to use regular Unity Ads? What about Ads with IronSource?

As a publisher, you can implement Unity Ads SDK on your apps for free. ironSource SDK and LevelPlay as well.

It says in the gaming services pricing that Ads have a user acquisition cost.

The organizational minimum budget for User Acquisition is 1000 USD.

With regards to the bids, you can decide the price for the CPI/tCPI of your campaign.

So if I was wanna use the Ads with Ironsource and Unity Levelplay will I have to pay?

If you are a publisher and want to monetize your apps by using Unity Ads, ironSource, and Unity LevelPlay(mediation tool), it's free to use.

For user acquisition with ad networks(Unity Ads, ironSource), you must pay the cost to acquire new users.

Ok sorry for the misunderstanding. Thanks for your help!

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