Advanced Animation Editor for Unity Animations (.anim)?

I'm new to the unity animation window and after using it for a bit found these features missing that would make life a LOT easier for me, so I'm wondering how to do them using the existing unity animation editor -or- where i can find a script/extension to allow for this behavior?

  1. Able to multiselect curve points and adjust their values as a group (i.e. highlight all pos.y values and drag down/up to adjust the entire curve at once?

  2. Ability to "trim" an animation clip so I can cut off say the first 30 seconds of a 45 second clip - to avoid having use use an (animation["?"].time=x) hack.

  3. Being able to set a single value for a group of keyframe values on a curve (i.e. select the pos.y curve pts and type in a single value for all of the selected values.

I think you can also draw a box to multi-select points