Advanced Animation Techniques for networked games

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As you can see in the image above, the players torso is aiming downwards. This is because the player is aiming down. How can this be done in Unity? I can get the player to do different animations over a network - but as the player aims the rotation of the torso/arms wont change (obviously). Do I need to split the mesh into 2 parts?

You don’t need to use animation. Just reference the bone transform (probably the Spine/Torso bone) of the model from your rig, then rotate it (boneTransform.localEulerAngles) based on mouse movement.

You will want to do it in LateUpdate.

You can even see it in-editor without playing. Just select the bone and rotate it and the skinnedmesh should follow.

public Transform bone;
public Vector3 boneTargetV;

void LateUpdate()
	boneTargetV += new Vector3(-Input.GetAxis("Mouse X"), -Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y"));

	bone.localEulerAngles = boneTargetV;