Advanced character customization

General info

I'd like to have character customization of their face/ body structure ( not clothes etc ).

Example: APB charater customization

Not really so advanced, just a basic start for now but I'd like any pointers on where to look and read articles/examples. Something simple like oblivion where you can modify the player's length, eyes/nose/lips/ears properties etc...

And also some pointers on how I can add predifined tattoo textures on a character or car stickers ( I guess they are both the same concepts )

Unity is unfortunately one of the only modern game engines that doesn't support model morphs, so the only way to accomplish this (that I know of) is by doing it Half-Life 1 style; inserting bones into each facial feature you want to modify/animate and manipulating their positions. For instance, to manipulate cheek height, you would insert a bone into each cheek, weight map it properly in your 3D program, and have some sort of sliders or values in-game to adjust the height of the bones, thus faking morphing of the cheeks.

Not sure how to accomplish designing tattoos or stickers however. Decals is another feature that is missing from Unity (to my bewilderment!). I could think of a number of ways to fake it, but not in any way that would look natural or overlay nicely.

We recently created a new asset on the store that will help you. CakeWalk - Effortless Character Customization

I need help on this too please

Unity does support morph targets through the popular MegaFiers from the asset store. There are other morph target apps around but none utilise cpu and memory as well.

For a Character Customization Workshop which covers a slicker means of managing clothing, character and animation assets try


We have finally released Mutable, our character customization creation system for Unity Pro. You can find more information in this forum thread.



I am actually one of the developers that worked in the APB character customization system :). I am currently developing this middleware and considering to integrate it into Unity (i have a prototype already). You can see the new system pipeline in this video .

You can try the creation tool yourself if you get it from our support site. Let me know if you have any comments. Hopefully this system will be able to provide all the features that you require soon inside Unity. However The deep integration required to achive the high performance in APB is a little bit tricky to make as a plugin. We’ll try…