Advanced Lighting

Hello beloved community, I am still on a pretty “basic” skill level when lightign a scene . But I want to change that, my goal is to achieve a scene like this:

I found this scene in a *sorry for the weird screenshot, I am only able to upload to images :). In the Picture is my Game View with 3 Cube Walls (very basic prototypes) and 2 lights to try the effect from above. However neither using 1 or more than 2 directional lights changed something and I am now since around 4 hours changing the cookie texture and still dont come close to this nice scene above.

I would really appreciate if someone who has a bit more advanced lighting skills than me could explain what tutorials I have to watch or for what keywords to google to get on the right path. If you have any Idea I would appreciate it.

I also dont expect to get as good as this scene in one day but would still love to climb up the leader on the “this looks pretty” scale.
Thank you.

The best whishes from Switzerland

if you’re looking for a darker scene try using a spotlight instead, make sure the light type settings are right in your cookie texture, if you are using gimp I’d try a soft brush. I just created this and all I really did was just use a soft brush for the cookie texture with a spotlight in 5 mins. If I put some effort in and textured a few things and made the cookie actually look more like smoke it’d look a lot more similar to the one you have in your picture.

also as a note I’m not great with lighting stuff either I just threw this together, I’m not even sure this is what you’re looking for.
alt text