Advertisement.Initialize() NullReferenceException.

Hello, I am at the end of the rope with my current issue. We are targeting iOS and Android with Unity Ads, yet in the editor I get a NullReferenceException on Initialize.

I do exit if the platform is unsupported ( Advertisement.isSupported ), which should exit in the editor. It seems more of an issue where the singleton is wrongly configured.

Any ideas? I’ve setup the ads ID and it is showing in the project correctly. I am also using the testMode = true.

Also check with isEditor.

		if (!Advertisement.isSupported || Application.isEditor) {

Seems like a bad design, UnityEngine.Advertisement could easily have been designed to silently and safely be empty (not null) when unsupported.

In versions of Unity integrated with Unity ADS, it is not necessary to call the function: Advertisement.Initialize ()