Advertisements not showing on Google Play

Morning All,

A friend and I have recently completed a project using Unity Ads for monetisation. All adverts / placeholders show correctly in testing and when built independently to a standalone device. However, now we've launched on the app store no ads are showing at all.

The correct store and advert IDs are plugged into script and we also used the correct loading procedure as displayed in the unity documentation for Unity Ads.

Can anyone provide some insight please?

Hello brny_x,

Thank you for your interest in working with Unity Ads! I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Unity Ads.
To investigate your problem, could you submit your questions through Unity Dashboard or email with the following information? Here is the document for how to contact us.

  • The Game IDs which related to the issue.
  • Your Developer ID or Organization Name.
  • Your code responsible for handling Unity Ads

  • If unable to login, the email address you're using to login.

  • If unable to add store details, the Store URL of your published game.

  • (If possible) Android device log.

Our team will get back to you through your ticket.