advice for stepping stairs

Hello everyone i just created some cube’s with these size(scale) x=1.8 y=0.4 z=1 and put together to stairs. When i click on play and start to make a stepping thing i only climb on the cube by runing to it but when i walking near to it and then trying to climb on it nothing happens just a little bumps. So what i need to do to make my stairs climbable both by running and walking to it? THANKS FOR HELP and sorry for my english.

P.S. My step offset set to defaults 0.4

Finally i get it.Thanks everyone for answers i will stick with this invisible plane and maybe later i figure out how to make “step”

Another way to approach stairs is to make a mesh that looks like stairs and then add a plane at the correct slope. Take off the colliders on the stairs and then you can just run up and down the plane making it look like you’re walking up stairs. Your character won’t “step” like they would on stairs but you can move up and down floors easily. (:

Try making the step offset on the character controller higher. 0.5 or bigger.