Advice on recording a Game Promotional Video in Unity?

So I’m trying to work on a promotional video for my current game project. I’m just having some problems recording some of the scenes I want in the professional quality I’m striving for.

So I already know about recording gameplay or doing “screen capture” recordings, so that’s not the problem. I’m currently using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder with VHScrCap which are both free and work pretty well. I am open to other suggestions for recording software if anyone thinks what I’m using could be improved for the video quality.

But anyways my main problem is that I am using a “Free Look” camera script so that I can freely move around the scenes during game play. The goal is to be able to fly through scenes to give good examples of the game world, promote exploration, etc.

But it seems that whenever I use my mouse to look around in different directions when I fly through the scene it causes the video to get a bit choppy.

I’m using a basic mouse look system like a FPS game would have so maybe I need something that smooths out the rotations a bit instead of being instant?

It almost seems like you would need a custom script to control the camera’s movement and rotation to do this to look professional? It just doesn’t seem to be possible to get smooth camera rotation for a promo video the way I’m trying this.

Does anyone know what’s the standard approach for making professional promo videos in regard to the camera? It seems they are always so smooth with the movement speed and rotation, do you really need to make custom camera scripts for this? Seems like a lot of extra work if you were doing multiple scenes.

Just hoping to get some advice on this, I thought it would be pretty easy just with a free look camera since I have pretty good mouse control but it just seems like the camera movement isn’t smooth enough with rotations, I really want something that looks professional.

K it seems like animating the camera is definitely the way to go for this kind of thing. My artist showed me how to do it and I’m really surprised how easy it is to animate in Unity when dealing with just a camera!