Advice sought after: Creating a suitable 3D flick script

Hi, I have read through many flick scripts and am currently stumped on how I should proceed with my case.

The iPhone Flick Shooting is a good reference but not sufficient.

Building for the iOS: I have a GameObject, Let's call it Frisbee. The camera is positioned on an inclined angle above it. (somewhat a 3rd person view) I have to throw the frisbee in this angled view.

Touch begins on the frisbee (not relative), and when touch phase is ended, the end position determines the angle of the frisbee's direction to move towards and the magnitude of the move.

A visual indicator (arrow) will indicate the dorection of throw, so the angle has to be captured in 3D space. (i.e. I can't use 2D touch positions)

I thought of using raycast but am not sure if that is the best way to do it.

I am thinking of using Constant Force and adjusting the relative force z based on the magnitude. However I am not sure how i can return the angle of the direction to throw towards.

Humbly seeking advice. Thanks

Sorry to bump this but searching this was the only thread I could find that came close to answering what I’m after. Also I couldn’t work out how to PM the original poster.

Does anyone have a sample script of this sort of “Flick Control” system? I am working on a couple of games where this would be the best control option for the use.