Advise on scripting text adventure

Hello, I’m new to unity and C#. I’m trying to making a text adventure that has pictures and sound as well as a branching narrative. I have written the story in Twine but I want to make the game in Unity as I want to learn C# and the best way to learn is to do.

My question is about whether I’m on the right track. What I’ve made, from a youtube tutorial, is the script below which so far works for branching narrative and multiple choices. Should I just keep adding into the same script until my story is finished?

I hope my question makes sense.


I am new as well. As in I have really only worked with the tutorials shown here on unity, but they do have a Text Adventure tutorial. Its buried in the scripting tutorials so it is a little hard to find. So here is the link.

This link is to the Introduction and Goals video for the tutorial. To get to the next video after this one the link is going to be on the right side under Live Session: Text Adventure Game Part 1

Or you can navigate to it from the Unity home page by
Learn>Tutorials >scroll down to topics Scripting>Live Session: Text Adventure Game Part 1

In the tutorial you will write scripts so that the player can choose which direction to go with commands like “go north” so I think this will help you out since it looks like you are using a similar command.

I hope this helps you since I don’t have the skill to help answer your question outright.