Aeroplane seat model


I'm modelling and aeroplane to use in Unity.

My problem is that only one seat has around 1000 polys. However I cannot reduce the poly count because the user will be "seated" on the chair a lot of time and so a reasonable quality is needed.

So my question is, 1000 polys to a plane chair is too much right?

Thanks for your help

Make it so he can only sit in 1 seat, and have that one high poly, make all the others lighter versions of... What modeling program are you using? In 3DS Max, use the optimize modifier.

That depends on how many such seats you will have. If only one, not too bad. If dozens, maybe not. Try it.

That said, if someone is sitting on it, why does it need so many polys, why wouldn't you want to reduce it. Wouldn't there, um, body be hiding most of those? The physical chair I sit in, I can't see much more than the arm rests, so the rest of it might as well be low poly.