After building, my character losts his animations in the scene and the build

HI, it’s the first time i write in this forum, because it’s the first time i have a big problem with my project.

My english is really not on point!

In’ my project when i do a build (sometimes, it’s a dice roll), my character in my build has no animation and, the most strange, it is in my scene. In the scene my character have no more animation attached to him just after the build.

And the cherry on the sundae, if i load another scene frome my project and i return to my scene with the “corrupted character”, every thing is back to normal, my character has is animations. This bug appear only if i redo a build of my scene. My professor says it’s a problem of script compiling order, but if i put the animation’s control script in first in the priority order, that change nothing.

I try to take all of my assets and put it in a package to export him in a new project but that change nothing. the only solution i found, for now, it’s to take a older version and redo what i do between this two versions.

I need help

I solved my problem by taking an older version of the project and reimpoted the character with smaller package. In this importation, it had a corruption made to the animator controller for no reason and this break the animation in game. Soo watch your packages guys!