After Downloading Bootcamp demo Unity does not work anymore.


I recently downloaded Unity and started doing some games. I Downloaded the Bootcamp Demo, Expecting to see how far can the unity Engine go. I imported it and wanted to play,
but Unity does not start the game; it shows me an error screen saying that the “Errors in the compiler must be fixed before playing” (I saw that screen before, trying one of my games with an health bar script, that didn’t worked. So i expected that a script was wrong, but i did not want to fix it because i don’t know how to write a script. So i started a new scene today, and after pressing Play, it shows me the same error. Every game that I created now does not work anymore. P.S. I’m 13 and Italian, Sorry for my english…


All scripts in a project have to be correct in order to run the game. When you have a faulty script your have two options:

  • Fix it.
  • Remove it from the project if you don’t use it.