after jumping, my player never returns to the ground.

I’m using 2020.3.9.f1, and the StarterAssets.ThirdPersonController… which works perfectly within the Playground scene, but no longer does when imported into my scene.

Yes, I’ve watched countless videos on how this is done… successfully, but nowhere have I found a “debugging problems” video on this. fwiw, I have not modified any scripts, and walking/running/turning all work just fine… just jumping isn’t.

the result of a jump is that my player launches into the air… then continues to perform successive jumps mid-air over and over…

If the variable of position.y isn’t going up and down, it may be the actual animation getting stuck. I’m not too keen on animations, but there is a whole animation map setup within Unity. I think it’s in the objects prefab, or a window option like where game/scene view are. I’d double check those are setup right, if not double check the code, and if not maybe your keyboard is wearing out? Not sure, but hope that helps!