After reopening a project i have been woking on all my models ar gone and materials are blank, what happened?

I logged back into my computer and opened up my project folder to find what i have been working on to be mostly deleted and all my materials have gone. Wtf happened?

go into the “assets” folder and delete the folders “Library”, “Project Files”, and “temp” if it is there and then hold down the alt (option) key when opening unity. this will make a choose project window appear and click “open other” and select your project.

I have same issue. Looks like it can be fixed by copying a back-up-ed Library folder. All the links to materials and prefabs are in the Library folder. Looks like this folder got corrupted but I luckyly had a back-up made like one week ago. I copied the old folder and most connections got restored.

I havent installed any plugins and i saved several times. My computer restarted itself to install updates while i was away which of course closed unity. When i rebooted and opened is when I found this.

The other day I accidentally moved my build and it did the same thing. Everything is pink and I have to reassign all scripts and textures. Did you by chance move the folder with your project in it? I am not sure if moving it around in your own computer affects it but I uploaded my build to google drive and accidentally moved it rather than uploading a new one.

I ended up reimporting all assets and scripts and relinking everything back up and now its all working correctly

Hope this helps.

Also if you didn’t save the project before it closed all models, textures, scripts, etc. will be gone. My guess is that the project was not saved after the materials and models were brought in to the engine.

I’ve the same problem.
I moved an asset folder and all Textures are missing.
I put back the folder, but no way, it is still missing.
I even get back an older version of the skin file, no way still missing.

I do not understand how unity is managing the references. Is there a way to force unity to search for rebuilding references ?


With me none of that worked. When i opened my project everything was replaced by a light and a camera. Then i looked in my assets and their was an asset with the name of my project and when i placed it in the scene, everything came back.