After scene transition, new scene contains old UI elements.


I have a basic UI Start Screen, that transitions to a second scene when start is clicked.

However, whenever I do this, the UI from the first scene is still showing up in the game view. It appears to be frozen, and the old canvas no longer exists… Whenever I change the aspect ratio in the Game view, the issue is fixed, and the old UI elements disappear properly… This issue does NOT appear in the Scene view, just the game view.

Not sure what the issue is here… I have tried re-building the scenes themselves, but hasn’t worked. It seems like there is some kind of “repaint” that is missing on the scene transition, perhaps? I usually don’t have issues with this sort of thing.

The only time I have things present from one scene to the next is if they are Singleton objects or they get instantiated at runtime. That would explain why you only see it in the Game view, because that is a runtime attribute/event.

Is it possible you have called DontDestroyOnLoad() for the objects that are appearing in the next scene? That is how they become Singleton instances.

I had the same thing. Turned out my Camera>Viewport Rect did not fill the whole screen.

        cam.rect = new Rect(.05f, 0.05f, 0.90f, 0.90f);