After upgrading 2017.1, the shader for ParticleSystem does not work correctly.

Hi. I upgraded my unity project (using 5.5.4p4) to 2017.1.2p4 recently. Then I found that particle systems using Mesh renderer doesn’t work correctly.

I found the problems like below:

  1. Vertex position for vertex shader is changed from object-space to world-space. Additionally, unity_ObjectToWorld and unity_WorldToObject seems to be identity matrix.
  2. TEXCOORD0 of vertex input is incorrect.
  3. When Scaling Mode of particle system is Hierarchy, the result is different between 5.5 and 2017.1.

Is there any solution or documentation for this issue?

Hi, the mesh particles now work like billboards, which means they are always in world space, so they can be dynamically batched.

You may also notice that meshes now support all the Render Alignment options in 2017.1, which means by default, newly created systems face the camera, whereas in older Unity versions, they rotated with their Game Object (Local alignment).